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Adabill, the platform-independent business-solution



Ada-Bill is a software intended to manage the needs of small companies. It is entirely written in Ada95 and has a GTKAda user-interface. Ada-Bill uses PostgreSQL as Database-Backend.
An old screenshot is available here. There is another (newer) screenshot


The following features are planned or even already realized (marked "working"):
  • handle Clients' address (working)
  • write and store bills (working)
  • set additional information on bills (working)
  • print the bills (working) Screenshot
  • personal todo-list, e.g. notes (working)
  • generate company's balance (for easier tax-calculation)
  • UTF8-support (since Adabill 0.0.9)
The next items are general design goals:
  • portable, should run on much platforms (actually "unix-only")
  • write independent DataBase-Interface --> user may change DB-Server-type via Options-Menu
  • Web-Client, so freely usable from remote (almost working)
  • find a suitable name :)


Old package (GtkAda 1.2): Old AdaBill 0.0.8
New Package (GtkAda 2.0): Current AdaBill 0.1.2
At the moment, AdaBill is in a very early state and not productive, yet. I just put it on the net to share it with others - as described in Bazaar-and-Cathedral.

Is there anybody who's interested in helping me developing AdaBill? Guys who know GTK? Ada95? perl/PHP4 (web-client)? Database-Interfaces? Other platforms?

Please contact me:


Old AdaBill-Version (GtkAda 1.2.x) is 0.0.8 (2001/12/19)
Current AdaBill-Version (GtkAda 2.0) is 0.1.2 (2004/08/14 with UTF-8 updates in 2012)

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